Our DTG Printing Goes DiGiTal

We recently launched our new Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Digital Printing capabilities to print full color, on any shirt color, with short run capabilities. This new printer technology has the capability to put down white ink in addition to full color ink, which brings a full color, vibrant print that will last just about as long as the garment itself.

The world of direct-to-garment printing is moving digital (like your home printer, with white ink and superb quality) especially for any lower quantity apparel orders. For businesses, schools, non-profits, or personal project customers looking for lower quantity, high quality full color printing onto apparel such as t-shirts or sweatshirts, it’s now more cost effective to go the digital direct-to-garment route over screen printing.

CBN Article 1116 - Article Photo #1With the DTG digital printing, one set-up fee and one print covers all the colors. There is no need to set up individual color screens for the number of colors in your logo as in screen printing. For lower quantity orders, the money saved on screen set-up costs will often outweigh the higher individual shirt costs. Keep an eye on this when looking at set-up costs and shirt prices to make sure you find the quantity “sweet spot” for your order!

This new printer technology is something we have been looking into for just a little while now, and it was time to pull the trigger and purchase a printer. We can now print on virtually anything, for any occasion. We have a got a team that can turn ideas into apparel!

Our team here at Dana’s Shirt Shop works with a water-based, environmentally friendly pre-treatment solution on all colored garments which allows the white ink used in the print to bond itself into the cotton of the apparel. This allows the product to be a long lasting garment.

Feel free to come or call in for more details about any of your apparel needs.